Simile with Examples-Personification-Apostrophe for Example

Simile with Examples-Personification-Apostrophe for Example:-

Figure Of speech

Simile with examples :- A Simile is  figure of speech in which a comparison is mode between two objects of different kinds which have at least one point in common. in this figure of speech words of comparison “AS,LIKE or ,SO “are user.

examples of simile :-

  •  Life is like a dreams.,
  • My love is like a red rose  


Personification examples :-  Personification is that figure of speech in which lifeless object and adstract ideas are thought of as living beings.

 examples for personification :-  

  • Love is blind
  • opportunity knocks at the door but once


 Metaphor examples :-  A metaphor is figure of speech which two things are compared but words of comparison not used as.

Metaphor examples :- 

  • Life is a dream
  • He is the star of the family


Apostrophe s examples:- An apostrophe is a direct address to the dead to the absent or  to a personification object or idea. 

Example of apostrophe:- 

  • O World ! O Time ! O Life  on whose last steps i climb.
  • O Cuckoo ! shall Call three bird.


Hyperbole with examples:- Hyperbole is that figure of speech n which things or person are represented as greater or less better or worse than they actually are .

example of hyperbole :- 

  • Rivers of blood flowed  in the batter.
  • Ten thousand saw i at a glance.


Onomatopoeia with examples :- An oxymoron is that figure of speech in which the sound suggests its meaning .

Examples for onomatopoeia:- 

  • The dogs bark
  • I hear the humming of ideas

Oxymoron figure of speech

Oxymoron definition :-  An oxymoron is a figure of speech in which two opposite ideas are put together.

Oxymoron examples:-

  • This is an open secret
  • Life is a bitter sweet

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