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Holiydays Short Story

Holidays are necessary for young people and children . For whole year , they are busy in study. It there is no break it may harm to their health .A short holidays gives us double energy in our work.

But holidays should be used wisly. Holidays are not for idleness, stupidity and foolishness. We should avoid unhealthy amusements. We should not be idle . Change of occupation is a rest . If we take an interest in our work it becomes amusements . But regular interval for rest are really necessary. As the saying.

All work and no play Makes Jack a dull boy

This year , durings holidays ‘May and june’,. I went to Nainital with my father . The weather was cool. There we got a comfortable room at the noon we went to Tallital pond . We saw many boats floating on the surface of water . I stayed for a week in Nainital . After Nainital we went to Mussorie . Mussories is a hill station .

We enjoyed there very much . I caught clouds with my both hands . We also went to kempty fall where we had bath . The secne of fall was very fascinating. Then we planned to visit Mount Abu which is also a beautiful. Hill station . We stayed there for fifteen days .

After that we went tk bangalore which is known as a silicon valley of india. I had a great enjoyment there. Thus our two month trip come to an end . I can’t forget it then i returned kanpur which is our city . I was feeling happier and healtheir .

But i found a contrast between pleasant weather of Nainital and hot weather of Kanpur . The trip was Memorables.

2. Very Short Stories Short Story

Short Stories in English Good Moral Stories Short Story
Short Stories in English

Manners Short Story

Manners are Necessary for any person. Manners are learnt. Animal are Animal because they don’t have manners . We are human because we have manners . Good habits and manners show the personality. By good manners we know the nature of the person in mind.

Good manners make the image of the person perfact and good. Everybody loves good manners .We cultives good manners in ourselves. We take good manners from our family . We also learn good habits and manners from parents also. Parents teach us many things .

We should be humble . We should be kind. We should talk politely. We should behave gently. Alway use “please “and thank you in your talks.

It boosts our image in other person’s mind our good behaviour depends upon good manners.
Societ becomes good by the manners of its members . Good manners spread love. They bring respect to us.
It is rightly said that manners are the building blocks of our character .

Character is ultimately responsible for success .Our success depends upon character and our character is made ip of manners. So ultimately these are our manners which build our image in the society and bring success to us.

Short Stories in English Short Story

Very Short Stories Short Story
Very Short Stories Short Story

Discipline Short Story

Discipline means self control. Today , Discipline Is the most necessary in life . By discipline we make life better . It is necessary in home the school. Discipline is mokes our life systematic. If there is Discipline there is order .

India is a democratic country. people elect their govermant . In democracy discipline is more important . Everything depends upone discipline . So we must learn discipline .

We must get up eary in the morning . We should gp to the park. We should have light walk and exercise . We should reach school half an hour before. In the school we must behave in discipline manner. Never break queue when you enter the school.
Besides our dress we should be neat and clean. The shoes should be polished . Before leaving home we must cheak our bag.
On the road we should cross the road thought zebra line . We should walk on the left hand . At night should sleep till 10 .p.m At home also ,we must fix our programmes. Right work at right time is the mantra od discipline . In other works,

Work while you work
Play while you play
That is the way
To be Happy and Gay

That is the lesson of discipline.
It is truly said that a disiciplined life leads to happiness while an indisciplined life leads to misery. All the great people of the world were disciplined . Mahatma Gandhi once said without discipline we cannot bring true democracy. He further said .

if you are not disciplined how will you control such a big country if you want to change the world firt change yourself.

4. 10 Line short Stories with Moral

Short Stories in English Short Story
Short Stories in English Short Story

Library Short Stories

Library is necessary for students. it is in every school. My School has a good library teachers and student use library . In library there are many books. There are also Newspapars in the library for teachers and student . In interval we go to library to read magazines and newspapers. We don’t waste our free time.

The incharge of our library is Mr Sharma. He is friendly to us . When we demand some books from him ,he gives us. We read it. After interval we return it.

Our library has one Thousand book .some book are on the diffirend subjects. Others books are general. But must of the books in our library are on the lives of great persons such as Einstein,Gandhiji Molton and Mother Teresa. We have library cards. We use it to borrow books . The books can be issued for seven days.

We can take and read them at home .only two books are issued at one time. When I sit the library .i feel peace of mind . I get lost in the books. Books on great person inspire me very much . Books become my best friends in the library . I take many books from library for home .

I am a regular user of library. I don’t miss the opportunity. I make my time useful. They also spend their free time in the library .

They also read newspapers and magazines. They guide us in selection of books. We thank them for it .Our library is good place for learning . It is a big treasure of books . In fact, When i am in the library I feel my self in the company of great people.

5 Line short Stories with Moral



I am Rahul. I am the student of class V. I study at Agra Public School. My classroom is in room number five. It is about thirty feet long and twenty feet wide.
In my classroom there are forty students. There is lot of space in the class. It has four windows two on of the right wall and two on the left wall. Desk and chair are connected.

One student occupies one chair and one desk.
On festival occasions, we decorate our class with festoons. We organise dance singing programmes there. Our class is big enought to organise such programmes.
There are two door in my classroom. There are three windows in my classroom. One Almirah is meant in the right corner. The room is white washed. The floor is made of marble. Ceiling fans are also there in my classroom.

There is blackboard fixed on to the wall. There are also two electric rods in my classroom. My class is very nest and clean. The peon daily cleans it. There is dustbin in the classroom.

We put rubbish in it. The teacher speaks loudly. He stands opposite to us. There is a chair for him to sit on. In fact I lie my classroom.
The walls are properly white washed. The classroom is properly airy. Infact, my classroom is very good. I like it and enjoy sitting in it.
Infact, for me, my classroom is a temple of knowledge because here I learn truth and the art of life.


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