Moral Story In English – ethics – 10 lines short stories with Moral

Moral Story In English – ethics – 10 lines short stories with Moral


Rameez is our school peon. He is twenty year old. His height is medium. He is a healthy and active. He is marrid person. He lives in a room with his wife in school premise. He is from  Kanpur. He has been serving the school for seven years.

Rameez puts on soil colour uniform. His shoes are black. He always keep himself neat and clean. Rameez is very duityful. He never misses the floor and classroom with broom. He cleans the dust with piece of cloth. He fills water in pitcher for children. But his most important duty is to ring the bell in time. He ring bell for prayer, Interval and leave. He is very obedient. He is always friendly to children.

He always tries to know about children’s problems and solved them. We also have good thinking about him. He is very useful but his pay is very small. He lives a poor life. When he is on leave we miss him. He respect sell the ethics teachers.


moral story in english with pictures
Moral story in English with pictures

Education is necessary for all. Education makes  a good man. It teaches us to live life. For education, school is necessary. I also go to school. I study at Holy Public School.

I am class VI student. This is my first year in school. I took admission on first july 2006. When I attended my class on first day I was very cheetful. Everybody in the class was looking at me. The class teacher introduced me to the class. I stood and introduced myself. My name is Rajeev. I passed class V from St. Abu school. My father is doctor and mother is housewife. Earlire I attended the prayer in Assembly hall.

It was very good experience for me. I saw principal who was standing on the platform. He said to us after prayers “grow like a tree”. Those world touched my heart and mind.

I also went to the library. First I contacted the librarian. I took some books from the library, sat there and read them. I also read newspapers. I enjoyed myself in the library. Then the bell rang. I left the library and went into the class.

After leave, all new student went into the assembly hall. The principal wished us. It was a function for new students. I came back to my home happy and cheerful.

Short Stories


Moral story in English with pictures

I am class IV student. I study at A.P.S. There are many teacher in my school. But I like Mrs. She ffali most. She is my class teacher. She teaches us General Science. She is very soft  in voice and very beautiful by personality. She teaches us in iII period. She is the lady of manners and etiquettes .

She behaves in the best manner. She is very punctual in her duty and never misses the class. She has command over her subject. She teaches us General  science in very simple language. I understand what she teaches us. She is very helpful to the children. She treats the children in loving manner.She dose not beat us. But sometime she is strict. She teaches us the manners and discipline. She fail is married woman.

I also respect her like my mother. In ever give her trouble. We wish her good life and long age.


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