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India of my dream | National  Flag |Essay

India of my dreams:.  India is my country it got freedom in 1947 it is a big country it is progressing but there are some problems in India. I dream of an India which is happy and prosperous I am five year old child my name is Rahul.

India of my dreams essay india of my dreams
Essay India of my dreams

I want to be a police officer I want to  make India crime free.

I see poverty around I want to remove poverty I want to solve the problem of unemployment I want to bring equality in the indian  socity .

Many people do not get two times meal I want to help them.

Poverty is the biggest problem of the country there should be a policy to remove poverty . there is dirt and filth on the road I want that the roads .

I want that the roads to be clean there should be more facilities for the people I find crowd in the trains and buses. My dream is that there should be strong and better infrastructure . communication facilties must be improved our villages are very bad in shape.

We should do something to improve the conditions should of villages . Industries should be more established. Agriculture must be given  importance corruption is eating the roots of our country there should be strict laws to prevent corruption . Other story read click Here

Half of the population is illiterate I want that education upto 12 class must be compulsory foe all . then we can remove illiterate .

India flag essay National  Flag

National  Flag:.  National  Flag Every  independent country has its national flag.

India is also independent . it also its national flag our national flag is tri coloured. it has three stripes saffron white and green .our national flag inspires us to be patriotic.

it teaches us love the motherland .

In the center Ashok chakra saffron is symbol for sacrifice (Tyag), white for peace (shanty) and green for production (Utpatti). the Ashok Chakra in the mind show the righteousness. our national flag gives the massage of truth Sacrifice and unity .

it is the symbol of our Honour. it teacher  us do or Die for the country the tricoloured flag was fist hoisted in the year 1930

Our Pm hoists it on independence Day on the red fort the president hoists it on republic day on the red fort it is soul of India it is very dear to us we respect it I salute my national flag I pray Jhanda  Ooncha Rahay hamara O GOD keep our flag always high

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