A School Essay – about My school essay in English – Essay

A School essay – about my school essay in                                English the school essay

A School essay :. I am student of Holy Public School. In my school many events take place throughout the year. But annual school function is the gratest event of our school. Our school celebrates it with pomp and show.

It comes once in year. So we take it seriously. All students await it. The teachers and staff also eagerly await it. It normally take place in November. On this day prizes are distributed. Good students are honored.

It is special. Fisrt class students are also honored. The principal of my school is Mr. Mohan lal  Agarwal. He is learned and dedicated person. He distributes the prizes on this occasion.

my school essay in english
my school essay in english

There are sports and games events on this occasion. Cultural programmes are also organised . I often participate in major sports events. I also make part in cultural Programmes. This year on annual function days, the chief gust was our M.P. M.L. David. He visited our school.

He delivered a speech which inspired us very much. The principal opened the function by cutting ribbon. One side the children were sitting along with their parents. They watched all events. Important person were sitting on the dias. Till evening the function lasted. I was very happy on that day. urdu quiz Click Here

The function started at 10 a.m. First Gyatri Mantra was echanted. After that, a group of girl students sung on patriotism. Many games were also organised in the ground. First wrestling match took place. Then rassakashi (tug of war) was organised. A short play on terrorism was also organised.

I also took part in this play. Different cultural programmes showing Indian culture were also organised. Every class presented a programme.

In the last, the principal thanked all the guests and delivered a speech. He expressed the satisfaction on over successful organisation of the function. The function came to an end with the  singing fo National Anthem. ‘Jan –Gan-Man’.

Bhagavad gita story bhagavad gita story in english


bhagavad gita story in english
bhagavad gita story in english

The Bhagvad Gita is my favourite Book. It is a good book. It  teaches us karma. I like it because it give importance to karma. The Gita is part of the Mahabharat which Ved Vyas wrote. The Gita shows us the right path. It teaches us the art of life.

When I am in problem and find no solution then I read the gita. It guides me.

The Gita teaches us to live in right manners. It give light. We should do our duty honestly. We should not look for any reward. We should not have attachment with the world. But we should not also escape it. We should be neutral. By real Karma, we get close to God.

We should be firm in our intentions. Shaking is not good. In the world there is fight between the evil and the good. We must judge whaqt is right. We should support it Inthe battle of Mahabharat arjun was not willing to fight.

Krishna asked him to fight. That was his duty. Killing the evil (Dhuryodhan) was his karma. God supports the right karma. That is the message of the Gita.

In my view, the Gita is more than a religious book. It teaches us to be karmyogi and praticaql in life. The Gita teaches us to do right karme at right time. In life, karme is most important. story read click Here

We should do karma without greed. We just do karma. We must not expect result. It is in God’s hands. We must leave it to God. Sometimes, success comes, and sometime failure but karma must be continued. Only person with karma wins in life. This is the message of the Gita. Another message of the Gita that in the war or battle, truth always wins.

If dharma is on side, belive that you will win. After reading the Gita,I have become more serious for me. When T am sad I READ THE Gita. It gives me satisfaction. Everybody in life it the right message of Gita.

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